Take 3D photos on Facebook. No need to use Portrait mode anymore.

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pn mar 02, 2020 5:57 am

Facebook 3D photography feature was first released in 2018, with images appearing on the Facebook feed having features to see different angles of the images. Initially, these features require Portrait mode or Portrait mode. Currently, Facebook's 3D mode does not require Portrait mode anymore. Facebook uses AI to help calculate the pixel-level distances between objects. Allowing 3D images to be created out of 2D images. Normally, Facebook isn't the first company to use software to calculate the distance between objects. Google had previously done this on a Pixel smartphone, but it is good news for people. Use a smartphone that does not have Portrait mode, because it can play this mode as well. However, Facebook has not clearly indicated which models of phones that support these features. But the company says that the feature can now be used on the Facebook app. If anyone doesn't have it, wait for more updates first. Read more >>slotxo

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