Here's how U.S. coronavirus testing is working

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As the U.S. grapples with a severe delay in coronavirus testing and screening, official efforts to crack down on large gatherings and keep citizens indoors — otherwise known as social distancing — may help reduce the strain of the outbreak on health services. It is also a key factor in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.Recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved molecular diagnostic testing by Roche, Thermo Fisher, and Abbott which is expected to bolster U.S. efforts to find more coronavirus cases.The FDA also approved a new point-of-care molecular diagnostic test from Danaher Corporation’s (DHR) Cepheid, and is now allowing self-swab tests in a clinical setting — a move aimed at preserving much-needed protective gear. The FDA has now approved two types of testing swab samples, with several more in the queue. The agency has also allowed state health departments to approve tests from labs and research facilities at the state level, which would boost the availability of tests that have quicker turnaround times.The first type of test the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rolled out require multiple swabs to be taken from the back of the throat, which are then sent through a logistics network to labs to be tested. Initially, it took several days to receive the test results. But after the CDC began providing testing kits to public labs and state health labs, it reduced the amount of turnaround time to a couple of days. more >>slotxo

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